On March 18, 2014, SDAU and Fachhochshule of Economics and Management, Essen, Germany (FOM) have the class ceremony on Economic and Management Master Program co-educated with FOM. Prof. Xiansheng Zhang, vice president of SDAU, and Prof. Peter Schulte, director of Dept. of Academic Affairs, SDAU branch, and related officials of the College of Economics and Management of SDAU took part in the ceremony. ¡¡¡¡
    According to the Agreement, the master program is defined as 4 semesters with the first one in SDAU and the 3 ones in FOM. All the forth year¡¯s undergraduates from SDAU majoring in Economics and Management, qualifying with the English language minimum standard of FOEFL:79, IELTS:6, and pass the FOM¡¯s entrance exams can apply for this program. The students passed the evaluation of graduation will be awarded Master diploma of FOM.

    On Sep.17, 2013, Fujiang Wen, president of SDAU and Tianren Li, president of CCU signed a MOU in which many fields of cooperation including student exchanges, faculty and research collaborations will be conducted. ¡¡¡¡At present, the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office is working hard on the co-educated program of undergraduates, hoping to send some students selected from relevant majors to CCU in 2014.

    On Oct. 31, 2013, Fujiang Wen, president of SDAU and Yukio Umagoshi dean of Kyushu Institute of Foreign Languages (KIFL), signed an agreement of cooperation in the fields of student co-education and faculty exchanges. In the agreement, undergraduates co-education can be described as ¡°3+1¡± module which is 3 years¡¯ studying in SDAU and following one year in Japan. The third year¡¯s undergraduates of SDAU majoring in Japanese can apply for this program. SDAU recognizes the credits gained in KIFL in Japan and confer the diplomas of the Bachelor to the students once meeting with all the qualifications of graduation. And those who want to pursue Master program in Japan can also get help from the teachers of KIFL.

    On June 27, 2014, SDAU and MSU signed a Memorandum of Understanding at Wenli Building after having a talk and discussion between the two sides. Shanping Xing, Secretary of Party Committee, attended the meeting and gave a brief introduction of SDAU. Dongsheng Gao, vice president of SDAU, and Prof. Hopper, dean of College of Agronomy and College of Forestry Resources, MSU, represented each of schools signed the MOU hoping to carry on cooperation in the fields of students and faculty exchanges, collaborative researches etc..

    On Dec. 17, 2013, a MOU signed between SDAU and INP represented by Prof. Xiansheng Zhang, vice president of SDAU and Prof. Herve Remingnon, vice president of INP. According to the MOU, collaborations such as in the fields of faculty exchanges, graduates and undergraduates co-educated and researches will be conducted between the two universities. The two sides are working on the ¡°4+2¡± program majoring in Agrofood Chain.

    Dr. William Benjy Mikel, Associate Vice President, International Programs, Executive Director, International Institute, Mississippi State University, visited our university during Oct. 21-23, 2011. Dr. Xiansheng Zhang, Vice President of Shandong Agricultural University, had a deep talk with him regarding cooperation between the two schools in the fields of faulty and student exchanges, research collaboration, co-educated programs etc.

    Dr. Walter T. Bowen, Director of International Programs, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida, paid a visit to our school during Oct. 23-24, 2011. Dr. Xiansheng Zhang, Vice President of Shandong Agricultural University, met with him and had a discussion on the future cooperation including student exchanges, research and faulty collaborations.

    Shanping Xing, Chairwoman of the School Affairs¡¯ Committee, Shandong Agricultural University, visited the south campus on Nov. 8, went to classes and dormitories, and had lunch with the students at the cafeteria.

    A group of experts headed by Dr. Fujiang Wen, President of Shandong Agricultural University, visited the old city of Tai-Er-Zhuang during Oct. 20-21. The group was comprised of the experts from the fields of pomology, vegetables, livestock, landscape architecture, agricultural history and other aspects. They had an exploration in the remains of the old city and gave advice on the future protective development.

    Recently, the Recruitment Month of 2012 was initiated in November. 72 units came to the main campus to recruit employees in the fields of information, foreign languages, nature resources and environment and electronics and mechanics which offer over 2000 work posts. More than 700 students have signed the intended contracts with the work units now.